Lelsy Ann(non-registered)
I have the coolest cousin :)
you're SO good....
love you!
Adriana Patiño(non-registered)
I think your vision is great, the photos are just lovely, as soon as I have kids I'll call you. Good luck with this business and I hope you never forget to photograph people's souls!!!
I knew you were good but had no idea you were making a career of it, Cuz!

Best of Luck with your new venture! Come out to Jersey and score some work out here!!!
Lara-- These are beautiful shots... I predict that they are just the beginning of what shall be an incredible career! A marriage of passion and an artist's eye----CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you continued success.
and in all ways,
You have a beautiful portfoilio! I wish you were in Austin, I have dozens of animals I would like portraits of..
Kelly Rogers(non-registered)
Way to go, cuz!! I am so excited for you. You've got some great pictures and are very talented! Good luck to you with your new venture!
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